Transform your school’s online presence into a captivating digital experience!

As specialists in bespoke website creation for schools, we take pride in crafting unique and tailored websites that reflect the essence of your educational institution. Our user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) ensures effortless management, allowing you to showcase your school’s achievements, programs, and culture with ease. With a team of expert designers dedicated to understanding the intricacies of educational institutions, we are committed to presenting your school in the best possible light.

Bespoke Theme Design

We design websites tailored specifically for your school; our websites are meticulously designed to be engaging and interactive, serving as participative and informative hubs. Prospective students and parents will see and experience what your school offers. However, our websites are more than just high-end shop windows; they are versatile, collaborative tools for fostering dialogue among school staff, students, parents, and the broader community.

Social Media Integration

Create a "social wall" that showcases your Facebook or Instagram feed, sliding out smoothly from the right side of the screen or appearing right across the screen. Keeping parents and carers up to date with school life.

Simple CMS

Revamping school websites should be straightforward and accessible for all, irrespective of technical expertise. Our team specialises in streamlined, content-centric approaches, empowering schools to swiftly update pages while upholding a uniform style and design throughout the website. Furthermore, our comprehensive training sessions and thorough website handovers ensure seamless management and continued success.


We offer exceptional technical support for our bespoke school websites, starting with in-person initial training sessions and comprehensive training guides. Additionally, our dedicated support team is available via telephone and email for ongoing assistance. Whether you have a quick question or need help with a more complex issue, we're committed to ensuring your website operates smoothly and efficiently.

School Website Compliance
Your website stands as the initial impression for parents and a key focal point for OFSTED scrutiny before the pivotal phone call. Ensuring it adheres to all statutory requirements is paramount.

Recognising the importance of maintaining website compliance, we understand that time constraints can hinder these efforts. Fret not – we’re here to assist and take the reins!

Introducing our School Website Audit – a thorough examination accompanied by a detailed report showcasing your compliance status, along with any recommended enhancements.

Expect a comprehensive audit turnaround within five working days, or opt for our expedited 24-hour service for urgent requests (additional fee may apply).

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